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  • Joining this group has been one of the best moved that I have ever done. I started crypto trading with $10K. Lost $6K in very short order and decided if I was actually going to do this, I needed guidance. I joined and now I have almost rebuilt my stash and LEARNED SO MUCH MORE. The training videos, guidance, patience for new member questions, and overall comradery show how experienced leaders can effect change. Thank you so much for spending your time and effor on keeping Elevate Trading on the top!
  • Satoshi Heavy, Crypto Warrior, Nebraskan Gooner - Joining this family has been one of the life-changing moments for me! I have tremendously improved as a crypto trader and every day I am also getting better and controlling my emotions. Hoping that the crypto market and it's volatility stays around for the next few years so that I can take my leanings and newly acquired skills to the next level. Financial Freedom, here I come!
  • All joking aside, Crypto Warrior is by far the the best there is as far as being knowledgeable, accessible and friendly that there is in this paid group genre of this crypto space. The entire CCV or elevate or whatever we're called, is super helpful and knowledgeable. That's all we should be looking for in the end.
  • Shoutout the whole group here, mostly Satoshi Heavy, best indicators (Sheavy is the gota of goats), always charting, always responsive, and keeps his schedule with YouTube videos. Plus the educational content and different strategies he provides are dope (elliot wave, VRT, NYC orderblocks, etc.), goodshit boys!
  • I just want to give a shoutout to Crypto Warrior, Crypto Tony, and the guys in the Warrior Den chat, they've been absolutely killing it! My trading performance has been quite the roller coaster in the past, so much that on multiple occasions I've had to completely quit trading for weeks to months at a time. On May 23rd I started an account with $347 and am currently up 429%!

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