Topics in January 2021

Upcoming Events!

*Replays will be available if you forgot/missed the session

Stay tuned for updates & schedules for each month as he plans new topics, education and live trading sessions!

  • Technical Analysis Study Session

    Wednesday 01/06/21 – 9AM CST

  • Live Scalping Session

    Tuesday 01/12/21 – 9AM CST

  • Risk-Management

    Learn the fundamentals to grow your portfolio for 2021!

  • Entry Strategies

    No more buying high and selling low. Identify the trends and when to seize the moment!

We rotate all of these topics so you never miss out on anything. All episodes are recorded and uploaded later so you can re-watch it too!

Constant content in addition to our livestream calendar as well!

Theory & Education

The cornerstone of our content. Trading theory and Chart Education is of monumental importance for your success!

Live Charting

Everyday! Positions & targets announced during our team-leaders intra-day trades and scalps!

Live Trading

See our team of professionals in action while they go to work on the market!

Still Waiting?

Stop saying “I want to trade”, but not putting in the time to learn what you need to know to be profitable.

Don’t keep thinking that “there is a perfect indicator that will make me millions of dollars” because there isn’t. Education in any topic is a process & requirement to get better at something. If you like money, this is the BEST thing you could have stumbled upon.

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