Trend Change

MANE, sorry about the gap in time between now and the last update. If you have been in discord you have been kept up to speed every step of the way until now. In the last update i had us looking for a BUY signal with an indication that BTC was about to dip right before Christmas. The good news is my idea played out perfectly and our HTF traders should have scooped up some BTC at a discount being sub 7k. Now at the tail end of a months long uptrend BTC seems to have hit some major resistance. So what is left for BTC? From the post before my idea (although bullish) was depicting a possible X wave in which would result in a sell off to new lows given the requirements are met. Well as time has passed and elapsed the max aloud time for an X wave I had now choice but to deem this entire 2-3 months long range to a larger degree B wave. The reason i deemed this entire move from the lows made on Nov 25th is due to the fact that the low made was violated on Dec 18th. Thus this idea totally invalidated all impulsive aspects and any move to the upsides should be held withing the confines of a correction. The pattern we studied took shape of a flat with the lows just being broken and the extension to the upside held within 1.618 of A. As long as we do not break over the previous highs we should assume this idea to be true. The corrective phase that will now begin is of a different story. My initial idea is shown here in the chart with the white drawing. The actual PA that will actually come to can be different but regardless we SHOULD assume the same time to be corrected. That time is roughly February 20th give or take a few days. Now that is the MINIMUM requirement not the expected. What this means is we should assume a correction of the entire move from Nov lows or in other terms a downtrend til about the time estimated above. As long as we make a LOGICAL 3 wave corrective phase then we will be looking to BUY that low for a swing assuming it will be just as BTC halving commences. As for intraday and possible entry I can see a test of 8.8k before ultimately falling to 8.2-8.3 where i will be interested in closing shorts and longing a possible bounce. Stop for the initial short can be seen at the last highs or just above the .78 of the move down. Remember to always practice good risk and money management and to always follow rules. Trade safe!


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