As the few days have gone by and BTC has went SIDEWAYS one cant help but look at all the oscillators that have now "reset" and are prone for a possible break back up. With the way BTC held 9.6 and moved sideways we have to look at this as a sign of consolidation and possible continuation bullishly. With how extended we are and with my idea of us in the 5th and final wave of an initial impulse we cannot get over zealous and go all in. Respect the market and your risk system and only risk that 1-3% range. Using the H1 for guidance the SRSI has came way down and is bouncing off a zone we can expect to hold if this is indeed going to be a continuation to the upside. Breaking that low in PA would IMO invalidate all upside and a bonus point if its accompanied by higher volume than we have seen in this range in the upper 9ks. That would and should give the signal for a reversal on the HTF chart with the wave structure being complete. If in long you want the highs to be swept and volume to come falling in, set targets for 10.3k then 10.6k. Remember to set a trail stop if the highs are indeed taken off just in case we don't make it to targets. We don't want to be caught on the other side of the trade due to my idea it would be a violent 5+ degree termination point in EW. HTF traders this is a risky play unless you can manage it very similarly as above. If you cannot and you exchange wont allow a trail stop either set alerts to manually move stop to profit once a move is proven. Or just wait for a rejection and look to short the weakness. One can also see setting SHORTS in the upmost range near 10.6 as it poses the most extreme scenario with the best RR.


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